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Investiture Ceremony

“Great leaders do not set out to be leaders; they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – always about the goal”

To inculcate leadership qualities and a sense of responsibility in the students, the new Students Council was invested with the duties for the Academic session 2019-20, on 06 th July 2019. The Chief Guest Brig. Suresh Ramanathan was welcomed by the Principal who presented him a bouquet and a Memento as a token of love and appreciation.

 The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief-Guest Brig. Suresh Ramanathan, Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph, Vice-Principal Mrs. Joyce Pereira, Senior School Coordinator Mr. Sharad Singh, School Captain Mohinoor Singh Batra and Head-Girl Prefect Nandini Parihar. A reading from the Holy Scriptures was done by various students of all religions followed by a Prayer dance. The Students Council members took the oath to faithfully work for the School and were given their badges by the honourable Chief- Guest along with Principal Fr. Sibi Joseph. After the sincere oath-taking ceremony, the honourable Chief-Guest Brig. Suresh Ramanathan congratulated the Students Council members and told them to be loyal and to never leave a friend behind. He also motivated them to build a better society. Principal Fr. Sibi Joseph congratulated the new office bearers and reminded them of the great leader “Mahatma Gandhi”. He told them to never give up and to follow the School motto “Virtus in Arduo”. He spoke on the Acronym “F A R – Fortitude, Ardent and Relentless”. Fortitude in the face of difficulties, Ardent of passionate, and be relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

 The ceremony came to an end with the Vote of Thanks given by the School Captain, Mohinoor Singh Batra followed by the pledge administered by the School Vice-Captain, Toshit Philip.

 Selected Office Bearers 2019-2020:


 School Vice-Captain: TOSHIT PHILIP

 Red House Captain: Red House Captain: DEV MAZUMDAR Vice-Captain: UTSAV HANDA

Green House Captain: AKSHAT SONKAR Vice-Captain: JATIN BATIJA

 Yellow House Captain: JAI MAHESHWARI Vice-Captain: AMEEN AZEEZ








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