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Elocution Competition

                       Heinrich Heine:

“Talking and eloquence are not the same; to speak and to speak well are two things. A dullard may talk, but a wise man speaks” ...

                 Such were the thoughts that ambledon the mind of those who witnessed the Annual Elocution Competition held in the auditorium of St. Aloysius. Sr. Sec. School, Jabalpur, on 28th July 2018. Elocution is the art of effective public speaking with particular attention to the clear distinct, and socially acceptable pronunciations of words. It enhances communication in children and corrects their style of speech ingesting in them confidence when it comes to public speaking. Under the able guidance of the principal Rev Fr. Sibi Joseph, the participants delivered the articulation with confidence, the effect of which was nuanced by the listeners leaving them captivated by the fine art of public speaking. It made the event a benchmark for the fellow students appreciated and applauded by the audience. This dedication and hard work filled the teachers with utmost pride and satisfaction.

                                     The event had speakers from grade 1 to grade 12, representing different classes who gave an excellent performance which moved the judges. They inspired all by their spirited eloquence and informative speech topics. The judges were Mrs. Hilda Callaghan, Mr. Kevin Pereira and Mrs. Jenny Vice. They adjudged the competition with voice quality, contextual speech and the standards of delivery.

 The awarded winnerswere:

 [Middle and High School]

 6th Grade: 1ST - Ivan Mathew (6 B) 2nd - Arnav Tiwari (6 A)

 7th Grade: 1st – Aadivya Awasthi (7 D) 2nd - Jitvan Chadha (7 B)

8th Grade: 1st- Kanisha Sisodia (8 A) 2nd - Vishesh Mehra (8 D)

 9th and 10thGrade: 1st- Veer Mediwala (9 D) 2ndBishmeet K Mehta (9 C) 3rd- Kriday Sharma (10 D)

 11th and 12thGrade: 1st–Nishita Jain (12 D) 2ndPiyush Chakraborty (11 C) 3rd- Srishthi Baghel (11 A) [Primary Section]

 Group 1:1st- Class 1 A 2nd- Class 1 B

Group 2:1st - Class 2 C 2nd- Class 2 A

Group 3:1st- Class 3 B 2nd- Class 3 C

Group 4:1st - Class 4 B 2nd- Class 4 C

Group 5:1st- Class 5 B 2nd- Class 5 C.