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Aloysius Gonzaga was the eldest son of Marquis Ferdinand of
Gonzaga,Duke of
Montana,Prince of the Holy Roman Empire,He was born in the year... More+


          Keeping in mind what ‘Carl Sagan’ once said; ‘Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of Knowledge’, the Annual Science and Craft Exhibition was organized at St. Aloysius Sr. Sec. School Cantt., Jabalpur on Saturday, 29th September, 2018 under the able guidance of Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph and Vice-Principal Mrs. Joyce Pereira. The Chief-guest Mr. Sheel Sindhu Pandey, Vice-chancellor, Vikram University, Ujjain inaugurated the exhibition. Many exhibits were displayed by the students of primary, middle-school, high-school and the senior section with each class working on a different theme. The Chief Guest encouraged and motivated the students for their hard work and innovative ideas. The Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph addressed the students and appreciated their creativity and hard work.

                        The students of High school and Senior Secondary displayed their creativity in various working and non-working models, for example, ‘Village Refrigerator, Rainbow Formation, Clean the Ocean, Villages with Mathematical Vision, Impact of Life-style and its solution’, and many more exhibits related to the themes were displayed. The Craft-works displayed by the primary and the middle-school children included Paper Flowers, Glass Bottle Decors, Disposable glass wall-hangings, Stationery boxes, Dolls made out of Plastic Balls, Clay models, Newspaper wall-hangings, etc. They were also given different themes like – Natural Disaster, Save Earth, Living beings and their Habitats, Unity in Diversity and many more.

               The Special attraction of the Exhibition was the ‘Aloysian Dhaba’ created by the Primary students and the ‘Court room’ showcased by the students of Legal Studies of the Senior School. Emphasis was laid on creativity as it is the driving force for the growth of scientific approach in the students.

                       Going through the exhibits, the guests appreciated the students and the teachers for the efforts taken. The panel of the judges included Dr. Kailash Chandra Gupta, Principal, Govt. School, Beejadandi, Mr. Sachin K. Upadhyay, PGT, KV-1, G.C.F., and Mr. K.S. Sisodia, PGT, KV-1, G.C.F. Under the supervision of the programme coordinators, Mr. A. Namdeo and Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatt, it was not just the students, but the consolidated team work of the parents, students and the staff members that made it remarkable..