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Extempore Competition

                                                   Intra School Extempore Competition

“Talk is the sweet extract of all speeches” To develop a good command over language and communication the Extempore competition was conducted on 13th July 2017. Our honorable judges for the competition were Mrs. Anamika Sisodia, Mrs. Jessy Anil and Mrs. Roopa Pal.

           The young Aloysians spoke with confidence for two minutes on different topics given to them on the spot .They were judged on the basis of their confidence, fluency and communication skills. Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph addressed the students and conveyed the importance of English speaking developing good communication skills. Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph presented the certificates to the winners and congratulated them. The winners of the competition were-

Primary School –Class 1. I) Poorvi Patel.(1 B) II) Japman Singh Lamba.(1 C)

                            Class 2. I) Kunaal Bokode.(2 A) II) Ishaan Soni.(2 B)

                            Class 3. I) Aditya Iyer.(3 A) II) Abhuday Singh.(3 D)

                            Class 4. I) Mannat Chaudhary.(4 B) II) Vansh Agrawal.(4 A)

                            Class 5. I) Arnav Tiwari.(5 D) II) Nidhi Wadhawan.(5 B)

Middle School –  Sharenyam Mohapatra.(8 A)

                           Ansh Agrawal.(7 C)

                           Shubh Gaurav.(6 A)

                           Akshat Tiwari(8th B) & Pradumn Agrawal.(8 C)

 High School –    Vivek Prakash.(10 B)

                           Manasvi Kothari(10 A) & Ashwin Mathew.(10 C)

                           Savrina Raj.(9 A)

Senior School –   Leroy Sequeira.(12 C)

                            Abhigya Dwivedi.(12 D)

                            Akshay S.Tiwari.(12 A)


                                             JSSC EXTEMPORE COMPETITION

JSSC Extempore Competition was hosted by St. Aloysius Sr. Sec. School , Cantt. on 18th July 2017, in which 19 schools participated. The competition was open to the students of the High and Senior School. The extempore competition tested the ability of the participants to think on the spot and their spontaneity. The task of selecting the best speaker proved to be the most challenging moment. Finally the honourable judges Mrs. Abha Pandey, Dr. Archana Singh and Mr. Kevin Pereira acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the participants on the basis of content, expression , articulation, language and presentation.

1.Sejal Parmar of Christ Church Girls Sr. Sec. School.

2. Divya Varun Singh of DPS Mandla Road.

3. Vikramaditya Sanghi of Little World Sr.Sec.School Tilwara.

 Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph congratulated the winners for their wonderful performance and motivated the students to speak in English.