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Extempore Competition


                  “If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives”

 To develop a good command on language and communication in the students, an Extempore competition was organized by St. Aloysius. Sr. Sec. School, Cantt. Jabalpur for classes 1 to XII on Saturday, 03 rd August 2019 under the able guidance of the Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph.

The programme started with the welcoming of judges. The honorable judges for the competition were Dr. Mrs. Usha Kalley, Dr. Mrs. Madhubala Sharma and Dr. Mrs. Sujata Kumar. The Primary School programme was judged by Mrs. Sunanda Pathak, Mrs. Jessy Philip and Mrs. Priya Kapadia. The young Aloysians spoke with confidence for two minutes on different topics given to them on the spot. They were judged on the basis of their vocabulary, expression and communication skills. The judges appreciated the students and conveyed the importance of speaking English to the students. On this occasion, the new edition of the School Magazine “The Aloysian” Vol. 94 was released and the whole Editorial team was appreciated and congratulated for their hard work and dedication.

The Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph and the Vice-Principal Mrs. Joyce Pereira presented the certificates to the winners and congratulated them. The Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph addressed the students and motivated them to speak in English. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by the School Captain, Mohinoor Singh Batra.

 The Prize Winners of the Competition were: Primary:

 Class I - 1 st : Atharv Prasad 2 nd : Aryan Patel

Class II - 1 st : Shashwat Sharma 2 nd : U. Mahadevan

Class III - 1 st : Samarth Rai 1 st : Divyanshu Dash 2 nd : Shridhar Suhane

 Class IV - 1 st : Arnav Gupta 2 nd : Samyukta Singh

Class V - 1 st : Adiya Iyer 2 nd : Azel Benjamin Middle:

Class VI: Ishaan Chauksey

 VII: Samarth Nayak

 VIII: Renit Bajaj

 High School: Senior School:

 IX: Kushal Kumar Yadav

XI: Harshita Savita

X: Aditya Chaurasia

XII: Vivek Prakash



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