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Extempore Competition


                  The Extempore Competition was conducted atSt. Aloysius Sr. Sec. School, Cantt. Jabalpur for the students of classes I to XII on 13 th July 2018 to imbibe a spirit of learning in Aloysians and to enhance their communication skills. The programme was presided by the Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph. It started with the welcoming of judges. Our honourable judges for the competition were- Mrs H. Callaghan, MrsAnamikaSisodiya and Mrs Rupa Pal.

                                        Extempore is the art of public speaking that is carried out without preparation or forethought. It puts to test one’s ability to think on the spot and also their spontaneity. The young Aloysians spoke for two minutes on different topics given to them on the spot. The topics in the competition were associated with varied subjects such as environment, social issues, current –affairs, technology, Social Media etc. The participants were judged on the basis of content, relevance to the topic, confidence, clarity of speech, fluency, time -management and communication skills. The Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph addressed the students and conveyed the importance of English speaking and developing communication skills. Rev.Fr. appreciated the efforts of all the participants, also presented the certificates to the winners and congratulated them. The winners of the competition were-

Primary School-

Class 1  -1st position-Aarjav Jain -I ‘A’, 2 nd position-i. Shalom R. Philips-I ‘B’, ii. Daksh Tiwari-1 ‘C’

Class 2  (1st position- AhanaKundu- II ‘B’) (2nd position-Harwin K. Kapoor II‘C’)

Class 3  (1st position -Arinjay Jain-III ‘C’) (2nd position- i.VihaanArora-III ‘B’ ) ii.ShreyasPathak-III ‘D’)

Class 4 (1st position – ShouruyaAgrawal-IV ‘A’) (2nd position-PratishthaYadav-IV ‘B’)

Class 5 (1st position – Shashank Kumar- V ‘C’) (2nd position-Viraj Jain-V ‘B’)

Middle School-

1 st position -AdavyaShukla(VIII-B)

2 nd position-NischayNandwani(VIII-C)

3 rd position – Samarth Nayak (VI-B)

4 th position – i. AnshAgrawal (VIII-D) ii. ManavKhatri (VII-D) iii. DavisJ.Johney (VII-C)

High School-  1 st position –Rudra S. Shukla(IX-D)

2 nd position- ChaitanyaShrivastava (X-A)

3rd position – i. KhushiRajak(X-B) ii. AkshatTiwari (IX-A)

Senior School - 1 st position –MihirLakhani (XI-A)

2 nd position- PratikshaSingh(XII-D)

3 rd position – Aryan Chauksey (XI-C)

                         This competition was intended to give an opportunity to the students to shake off their diffidence, to help them overcome the fear of public speaking and to build up their confidence. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by the School Vice-Captain YashDubey. This programme was a great success under the able guidance of the Principal Rev. Fr. Sibi Joseph.