A Brief Life History

Aloysius Gonzaga was the eldest son of Marquis Ferdinand of
Gonzaga,Duke of
Montana,Prince of the Holy Roman Empire,He was born in the year... More+

Founder's Day Celebrations

“Reach higher for the stars lie higher in your soul, Dream deep for every dream precedes the God”.

                    ‘Great journeys start off with small steps ‘so did the journey of St Aloysius Sr Sec School. It began with our founder Fr. Amedee Delalex MSFS in 1868 with six orphan boys. As a mark of respect and honour , Aloysius fraternity observed 10 th July as Founders Day.

 To commemorate the day a colourful programme was put up by the students. The programme started with the introduction of the programme and Lighting of the Lamp by the Principal Fr. Sibi Joseph, Vice-Principal Mrs. Joyce Pereira, Academic Coordinators Mr. Sharad Singh (High School), Mrs. Vandana Tuli (Middle School) and Mrs. Veena Rai (Primary) and followed by a prayer service which included Scripture Reading, Prayer, Hymn to St Aloysius and a Prayer Dance.

 The programme continued with an unique power point presentation that depicted the efforts of the founder father and the priests who dedicated their lives and served the institution with determination and sincerity. Thereafter the Aloysian choir sang a captivating Founder’s Day song that filled the atmosphere with serenity. The most memorable part of the programme was the unravelling of the theme of the year ‘Preserve the past, Honour the present and Embrace the future’ by the Principal and the Vice Principal. While addressing the gathering the principal Rev Fr. Sibi Joseph remembered the glorious past and praised the life of Fr. Amedee Delalex MSFS and motivated the students to instil the habit of sharing and become a beneficial person for others. He encouraged the students to inculcate the values given by our Founder and follow them at and to pass the knowledge of learning to the future generation. He also appreciated the hard work of all the staff and students involved in the programme.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by the school Vice-Captain Toshit M Philip who thanked the Principal, Vice-Principal, all the staff and students for their support in making the programme a success..